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I like to paint hearts.

Since I started Open Heart Canvas in 2014, I have painted and shipped out over 100 original paintings.

They are currently spreading love across the globe in multiple continents. 

Every painting is an original and no prints or reproductions will ever be made.

My paintings are currently selling extremely fast to collectors.

It’s very rare that I have any available for more than a couple of days after the paint has dried.

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-Heart of Flight-


Acrylic on Canvas.




Just finished my largest painting to date again.

It’s a blast working with these larger canvases.

The title was inspired by the phoenix i see, wings spread, expanding light into the universe.

There is nothing like experiencing the beauty of a painting in person.

Click HERE to read reviews from some of my collectors. 



Acrylic on Birch Wood with an Epoxy Finish.




Today has been a good day.

Just finished my largest commissioned piece to date (pictured above). Also shipped a painting (pictured below) off to New York this morning.

Last year i had a dream that my heart paintings would spread light across the world.

Seeing that dream progress and come to life has been the best thing ever.

I really want to thank everyone that has supported me and joined me on this journey so far. 

-Follow Your Light-


Acrylic on Birch Wood with an Epoxy Finish.




Im so excited to have just finished up my first set of paintings on birch wood with an ArtResin® epoxy finish.

From start to finish its a couple week process for me to complete a painting with these mediums.

Couldn't be more worth it. This thing just GLOWS.

It has a very 3D holographic look to it.

The vibrance, quality, and look this medium portrays is far superior to the look of a painting on canvas.

Definitely the most excited I've been about any piece of art I have created so far.

These are a must see in person.  

10 percent of all proceeds will continue to be donated to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation.

The foundation is a non profit charity that provides children and young adults the opportunities to express themselves creatively, and follow their artistic dreams.

Together we can provide art supplies, musical instruments and other building blocks to the bright future of our society.  

-Your Love-


Acrylic on Birch Wood with an Epoxy Finish.



-First Kiss-


Acrylic on Canvas




This is such a special piece to me.

This painting has done more traveling around the world through crazy circumstances than any other creation of mine.

-Eye Love You-


Acrylic on Canvas




Just got back from my backpacking trip into the Kalalau Valley of Kauai.

Feeling more inspired than ever right now.

I have  been very inspired by the connection of our third eye and our heart.

I spent a month living in an ashram over seas learning the ways of meditation and yoga through Sivananda's practices.

This painting was inspired from my time there.

I learned and grew more as a person from that experience, than any other experience so far. 

During meditation we were told to focus on our third eye or our heart, whatever felt more natural to us.

I naturally went to my third eye.

Why is this?

I don't know…

I feel the two work in unison together, no way around it.

Where would you naturally turn focus to?    

-Bright Light-


Acrylic on Canvas




The painting reminds me of how precious this life is and gives me a strong feeling of spirit and something bigger than me.  

-Aquatic Love-


Acrylic on Canvas



To me this is my most accomplished painting yet.

I’ve tried painting a similar painting like this many times but have always failed.

Reasoning behind that?  

I mix the consistency of the paints myself and theres not an exact science to it.

Theres a fine line between that perfect flow of paint on the canvas and everything running off completely, leaving a giant mess and nothing to show.

Also this color palette…

Definitely one of my favorites.

It’s also VERY challenging to blend. You pretty much get one shot.

When purples and yellows start over mixing into each other, you end with a color that i wouldn't want in any of my paintings.

Iv’e been developing different breathing techniques over the past 5 years that i do all of my blending with.

In fact, the only time i ever use a paintbrush is when i sign a piece after it has dried. 

While i am more developed and skilled with the breath than ever before, its still very easy to overdue.

In the end its what makes or breaks a lot of my paintings.

I got into a FLOW STATE on this one.

Just being in this zone, almost a meditative state.

I'm not thinking about how i should be painting anymore its just happening.

My best work always happens if i can hit this state.

I feel that we all have such vibrant spirits that can work on a subconscious level when we are in this state of mind.

One of my  favorite things about painting this way is a lot of what i see in the paintings after blending.

Faces, animals, relatives, people kissing, you name it.

While one could think its just the way the day breaks, i feel there’s often much more to it.

Much Love,